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Managing Your Finances

Money makes the world go round, or so it seems. Vast sums change hands every day in a global economy that affects virtually everyone.

Managing Your FinancesParadoxically, in the time of wealth and opportunity, millions of people struggle to survive economically. With consumer credit reaching gigantic proportions, many find themselves mired in debt. Anxiety about money matters takes an enormous toll on mental and physical health.

What can you do about money problems? Where can you turn for simple, practical help in managing your personal finances?

The fact is, the Holy Bible offers proven financial advice that can help you experience economic success, financial stability and true peace of mind.

To help you gain important insight, we'd like to offer you our compelling 44-page booklet Managing Your Finances. This eye-opening booklet—free for the asking, with no obligation—reveals practical and helpful biblical truths of which most are completely unaware! Request your FREE copy today!

Inside Managing Your Finances
- Introduction
- A Biblical Overview of Money and Wealth
- Meeting Needs Beyond Our Own
- Keys to Successful Money Management
- Money in Marriage
- Teach Your Children About Finances
- Avoiding Financial Black Holes
- Seeking God's Blessings
- Determining Your Net Worth
- Monthly Income and Expense Worksheet

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Europe's Troubles: Setting the Stage for Prophecy's Fulfillment
In 1933 Winston Churchill chillingly warned, "No one can watch the events which are taking place in Germany without increasing anxiety about what their outcome will be." With an economic crisis now plaguing the eurozone, will Berlin's troubled history repeat itself? What is Germany's destiny? Does Bible prophecy give us any indication of where events in Europe are leading?

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